Helping others is the way we help ourselves

Nine individuals with nine different thoughts are coming up with COMPA9ION community to see world taking beautiful shape by holding hands of each other for education, poverty and health. COMPA9ION team is a small team of nine students of Department of Computer Science, The Oxford College of Science. We are all classmates in our post graduation course with zeal to work for the world to help needful people. With a little selfishness of staying connected for life time a seed 'COMPA9ION' is planted in our souls. A seed which grows big, bigger like a big banyan tree to give shelter for all. We are working in areas of education, food, health the basic need for a person to have an identity in the society.

We dont need a reason to help people

The idea of COMPA9ION evolved from one of the member in the team and everyone gave their thought on it. In just small time, team of nine students formed who are all focused and have an objective in mind to work towards the issues arising in society. Everyone in a team is given individual responsibility to look for the progress of our work.

"Helping other in need is not only a responsibility of life, it is what gives meaning to Life". At present this is the beginning like every month we plan activities like teaching kids, conducting compaigns etc with all the enthusiam and work together to make the activity successful.

As Mother Terasa's words say "Give your hands to SERVE, Give your heart to LOVE", we lend our hands to serve people and give people the love in need. With our works and activities, we want to be the reason for someone's smile.

Please come tomorrow for to know more about us, Thank you - Team COMPA9ION